There was no reading last night. At this rate, I’ll never get through with the book. And since it’s already past my bedtime, I won’t get in any reading tonight.

I did all of my exercises this morning. Twinkle seemed in a better mood, though she hissed at me a couple of times. I’m in a hissing mood myself so she might ought to watch out.

Breakfast was OJ–when I stopped at the roadside market, I spied four blood oranges. I asked how much they were and she said, “You can have them. I don’t like them.” I juiced one of them and three navel oranges. Then I had a banana/mango/romaine smoothie, unlike what Jesus fixed the disciples on the shore of Galilee.

I was the mail person today because the regular one had outpatient surgery yesterday and isn’t supposed to lift. I didn’t mind. It’s nice to get out and go somewhere and not be close to the ringing phone and the constant influx of e-mail. I didn’t think I would ever get so I don’t like e-mail but I’m pretty darn close.

My mid-morning snack was Campari tomatoes and a cucumber. I didn’t go out in the sun this morning. The weather was overcast for much of the day.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie and a big bowl of cantaloupe.

There was a small window of opportunity for sunshine so I took it. I managed to get in 15 minutes before it started raining later on in the afternoon.

When I got home, I had a large piece of watermelon and then some tomatoes with Tajin. I had my usual large salad with cashew dressing. I’m going to have to cut back on that. I was up a pound or so this morning.

While I was eating, it started storming and I had to unplug my modem. It kept it up for a long time. I was unable to get online until I had the bulletin almost done.

Seems my raw lifestyle has put up a barrier between me and my family. Since I rarely, if ever, see some of them, I don’t know why it would. They think I’m avoiding them, I guess, because they don’t eat like I do but that’s not true. I work full time. They are all retired. I have obligations outside of work. Some of them have other activities besides taking care of house and home and cooking. If I kept house the way I should, I wouldn’t have time to do anything else. Let alone update them on my activities every day. I’m getting so I don’t even like e-mail. I hate the phone. I’m on the phone off and on all day at work and I took a lot of time yesterday to clear out my Inbox. I get e-mails on top of e-mails at work and then I’m supposed to come home and e-mail some more? If they want to know what I’m up to (besides weight-wise) they can read my blog. It seems silly to write it here and have to turn around and put it in an e-mail, too. I could copy and paste it but it would still take time.

As for wanting people to eat the way I do, it would be nice because I’m the only one I know, personally, face to face, that eats 100% raw food. However, I know that there are reasons why they don’t. Some of them are pizza, potato chips, lasagna, and mashed potatoes. Go into a supermarket and the produce makes up a fraction of the food that is offered there. If you open a can or a box, nothing in it would grow except for mold. There isn’t a lot of nutrition in that. I know there are things in the produce aisle that wouldn’t grow, either, but they are still fresh and have most, if not all, of their vitamins and minerals. People can’t seem to make the connection between what they eat and most of the diseases they have. I know that some are hereditary and some are environmental, but a large portion is from what is put into the body.

I think I have ranted enough tonight. With this I will Publish Post and go to Bed. I’ve had several interruptions and it’s now 10:47.

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