I slept until my mind changed this morning. I didn’t get up until 8 o’clock. I’d thought that I would put on the mask my granddaughter gave me for Christmas and sleep some more but when I looked at the clock I decided to the contrary.

Since it was so late and I have to take my generic Synthroid (that’s a contradiction, isn’t it?) an hour before I eat, it was on up in the morning before I started eating. I began with OJ and this time I had a full 16 ozzies.

It was 64 degrees but I put on my bikini and went out and sunned for half an hour, 15 minutes on the front and 15 minutes on the back. I found out that I’m not supposed to sit down too far to either end of the lounge. It collapsed but no harm was done to it or me. Nobody saw me so there was no embarrassment. There was a little cloud cover and a pretty stiff breeze was blowing but I made it.

When I came back in, I fixed a large banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie and drank it all.

I had a quiet day. I did some studying and listened to the Sabbath School lesson on PineKnoll. When my smoothie settled, I had a large mango. Then I had a bowl full of watermelon.

It was time to go out in the “sun” again. This time, it was 68 degrees but the cloud cover was thicker. The breeze had slacked off so it wasn’t too bad. There were no malfunctions, wardrobe or otherwise.

When the timer timed another half hour, I came in and had a banana/spinach smoothie. My Campari tomatoes beckoned so I had three. Then I had a bowl of “chili”. After that, I made a large salad of romaine, Boston, and cucumber dressed with cashew dressing. This time, I left out the lemon and/or lime juice. One of my teeth is getting sensitive and the juice seems to exacerbate it.

I am so full that I’m almost miserable. The comforting thought is that, since it’s raw and easy to digest, it won’t last long.

I keep forgetting to tell an experience from last week. One of the nurses and I were the only ones left in the break room from a table of six people earlier. She had been listening to all the joking and comments about my green smoothie. She asked me if I really do feel better. I told her yes and then I told her about the lentils and boiled potato incident. I said that I felt bad from Sunday night until Thursday when I finally got back to normal. Her comment? Maybe all of the people who eat cooked are all walking around feeling bad and don’t realize it. I’m sure that’s true. I never really felt GOOD until I started eating 100% raw. The four days I ate a little cooked, I was still getting too few calories. I figured the cooked I was eating wasn’t what was keeping me alive and that’s when I made up my mind to eat 100% raw, fresh, uncooked. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, if not THE best.

It’s still pretty early, considering, but I think I’ll go to bed and read MC for awhile.

Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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