It’s still fairly early in the evening but I thought I’d get this done so I can get to bed on time for a change.

Last night, I read until after 10 in guess what! Of course, Mad Cowboy. It’s more clinical now but still very interesting.

I measured when I got up before 7 and I hadn’t lost any inches AT ALL. Oh, well, I’m still a lot smaller than I was a year ago. And I’m not any bigger than I was last Sunday.

There was plenty of time to do all of my exercises.

Breakfast was OJ, a large mango, and a banana/romaine smoothie. Then I had some tomatoes.

My son the middle child called to check up on me. He had a heart-stopper at work this week. One of his co-workers was driving a dozer when a hose popped off and sprayed fuel everywhere. He thought quickly and jumped off. The dozer caught fire and blew. The driver was left with second degree burns on his elbow and third degree burns on his leg. He’s a lucky person. My son said it looked like something out of the movies. My granddaughter was trying to get my son’s attention while we were talking. I told him it would be a nice day for her to play in her playhouse. He agreed but said that they were being very careful because they are only 27 miles from the place where a bear had attacked a family. This morning, he’d found a large track in an outbuilding not far from their house. Boosh!

I was going to go out and get some sun this morning but my neighbor chose to mow the lawn which needed it but it didn’t give me the privacy I wanted to wear my bikini so I decided to wait until this afternoon.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie and a pear.

My daughter called and we had a not-quite-an-hour visit. She’s been working on a large project at work that has left her stressed. Last Friday was her 28th birthday. Her boss and co-workers gave her a celebration but she had the project on her mind.

When it got late enough that the sun wouldn’t be too high in the sky, I looked out and lo! the van was gone! I went out to check and make sure that there was still enough time to get 30 minutes in and here came the van back! So…I discarded the idea one more time. This time, there were reinforcements to help load some things that my neighbor wanted to get rid of.

I comforted myself with some pineapple.

My neighbor came over and asked if he could have an old TV antenna I don’t need any more so I told him sure. I’d put some tomatoes in a bag earlier to take over to their house so I went ahead and gave them to him. He was thrilled. He almost skipped back to the house.

I did a couple of loads of clothes then fixed myself the rest of the watermelon. Later, I had some more tomatoes. There’s enough romaine for a salad but it is sort of bitter so I think I’ll pass for tonight. I had some really raw cashews and that will be it for today.

Take care and eat healthy!

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