Well, They’ve spoiled it for me! I’ve been watching “The Next Food Network Star” but I don’t watch it when it’s on the first time. I record it and watch it later. They announced that they’re down to Reggie and Guy so I know that Carissa and Nathan have been sent packing. I’ll watch it, anyway, because it’s good clean fun but I wish I didn’t know!

I got up pretty much on time this morning and did all my exercises. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie.

Mid-morning, I sat in the sun for most of 15 minutes. It was hot! I didn’t take anything for a snack. I’m down to two oranges and one tomato at the moment. I do have some Campari tomatoes, though.

Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie and it just occurred to me that I didn’t get any spinach in my co-op order. Or cauliflower. Plus I’m short a mango and a pound of kiwi. The spinach really hurts. That means I’ll have to go across the mountain to get some, organic or not. I’ll be there tomorrow, anyway, to get some more oranges but I hate to spend so much on it. The co-op is cheaper in the long run. Back to lunch, I had a cucumber and three Campari tomatoes.

I ran out to the store to get some bananas. All they had were a few overripe ones that were marked down at the register to 10 cents a pound. They totaled 17 cents, tax and all!

After work, it was off to pick up my order. A good friend had her first order, too. She hadn’t gotten out there to get hers so I had it put in my trunk and I figured she’d get it some way. I was on my way back to town when I heard a horn beside me. I expected it to be her but it was her father-in-law. I pulled off into a parking lot and gave him the food. He was impressed with all the greens I had. I’d gotten eight heads of romaine. That’ll do me a little while. They aren’t very big but they should be more nutritious than what I get in the store.

When I got home and unloaded, I ate some watermelon. Later, I had four large tomatoes, diced, with Tajin. I was so full I felt stuffed. I decided I’d take a night off salad. When I got to feeling more comfortable, I had my other mango that I’d gotten last week. It had a good flavor but, once again, it was a little on the pale side. Makes me wonder how many vitamins it had.

That’s it for today. I have my second load of clothes in the washer. Think I’ll dry them in the morning.

Good night!

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