42 weeks today!

I had planned to get to bed reasonably early tonight but I’ve fooled around and not done it.

I did get up in time to do all of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was OJ, some strawberries, and a banana/romaine smoothie.

I had more strawberries mid-morning. I waited too late to go out in the sun so I didn’t stay long. I got a little pink as it was.

Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie, a large tomato, and a cucumber. I had to go get a chair since the fifth one that is usually in the break room had been purloined. When I got back, I said, “Whew! That was close! I was afraid someone was going to get my green smoothie!” Everyone said that I didn’t need to be worried. They just don’t know how many vitamins and minerals they’re missing. And it’s tasty, too.

Later in the afternoon, I attempted the sun again but it was still too hot.

When I left work, I headed for BiLo and Wal*Mart. Mother’s grave was on the itinerary, too. I am really going to try to work on her arrangement this weekend. I got some Campari tomatoes, Boston lettuce, and organic spinach at the first stop and cucumbers and jicama at Wally World. My organic order is supposed to be in Monday so I don’t need to stock up too much. I didn’t just go for that. I needed hair stuff and Tajin, too. Oh, I got a bikini. I didn’t try it on, either. I guess I was afraid I’d scare myself out of buying it.

Twinkle’s food had come in today and it took priority over everything else. After I got everything unloaded and put away, I had the rest of the first watermelon. That reminds me. I need to put the other one in the fridge. I just did. Then I had some tomatoes with Tajin. It was too late to fix and eat a salad so I munched on some Campari tomatoes, really raw cashews, and one Brazil nut. It wasn’t delicious. I had a little hemp seed to take the taste away.

So that’s it for today. I’m sure I won’t starve!

Happy Sabbath to one and all! Tomorrow, I can sleep until my mind changes. Good night!

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