I’m getting down to the wire here. Gotta be in bed soon!

The pastor had sent me information for the schedule for the campout this weekend so that took my exercise time. It’s done, printed, and I left it at the hospital for him to pick up whenever he got a round tuit. I don’t have to do the bulletin this week!

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. The grocery store has been out of baby spinach for forever so I’ll wait until my co-op order comes in to have anything other than romaine. That’s okay. I’m still getting all my vitamins and minerals and none of the oxalic acid that everyone keeps yelling about.

I didn’t take anything for my break. I did go out and sit in the sun–when it wasn’t hiding behind a cloud–for 15 minutes. I was plenty hungry when lunchtime rolled around. I had another banana/romaine smoothie and a large tomato. The nurse who had “counseled” me yesterday about my bowels came in with her fries and hamburger. I’ll have to admit that the burger had a limp piece of lettuce and a couple of thin slices of tomato. She was chowing down like there was no tomorrow. I looked at her and said, “I’m sorry. I should have saved some of my smoothie for you.” She looked kind of funny and then she laughed. People will eat all sorts of things but they don’t want really good-for-you food. Just because things can be chewed doesn’t mean they should be.

Mid-afternoon, I went out and basked in the sun for another 15 minutes. Now people are talking about how tan I’m getting but I don’t think I am. I have a little bit of color but it isn’t much. I plan to bare everything I can this weekend and get some sun on parts of my body that are still pretty pale. My legs, for instance.

I coerced my boss into giving me my mileage money for March so I could go to the store without having to write a check. I got four big heads of romaine. I’m polishing off one a day now. I also got some cucumbers and strawberries.

When I came home, I had a large piece of watermelon. The temp in the house was up to 78 but I let it stay that way while I had my melon. It was cold and the warm air felt good. Then I had a big container of chopped tomato with Tajin followed by a huge salad of romaine, cucumber, and avocado. I’d put the extra tomato in with my “chili”. That’s what tomato and Tajin tastes like.

I’m leaving my strawberries out of the fridge tonight. I don’t like cold berries. That’s kind of like putting tomatoes in the fridge. It ruins them.

Twinkle’s supply of food is supposed to be in tomorrow and the new base for my L’equip is scheduled for Monday. People are always interested in what I get in my packages. It isn’t the usual stuff from ABC Distributors. Not even close. I did get some raw olives recently that aren’t good at all but most of the time I bat 1,000.

Time to hit the hay!

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  1. Liz April 14, 2006 at 1:51 pm #

    Hi Tommie,

    I’m still working my way through your archives and have a couple of comments/questions. First, congratulations on being the only one out of five who stuck with raw! I’m impressed that so much of your family was open to the idea. My family thinks I’m crazy and will most likely never change their eating habits.

    I came across your butternut squash cookies recipe and am really excited to try it out! Extremely simple and it’s the first “cookie” I’ve seen that’s not primarily made out of nuts.

    You mentioned avocado mayanaise…could you explain exactly what that is? Does it work well as a salad dressing? I never eat avocados and would love to work a little into my diet.

    Also, you speak about doing “vision therapy”? It sounds wonderful and like it really improved your eyesight. My boyfriend has horrible eyesight and I was wondering if you could share the exercises you do or any references/information that you have regarding the subject.

    One more: are there any raw food books that you couldn’t live without? It sounds like I should get a copy of Instant Raw Sensations. It’s hard to find recipe books that include a lot of recipes that go by 80/10/10. I recently purchased Dr. Graham’s High Energy Diet Recipe Guide and it has some wonderful looking things in it. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying more of his books or some of Frederick’s, as I have none of his. Any recommendations you have would be great! Thanks!

  2. Tommie April 14, 2006 at 11:01 pm #

    My family was all rooting for me to lose weight. I was really quite large for me. All but one of my sisters are vegetarian–and the one who isn’t is the one who has the most health problems. She said at one time that she was going to try eating raw but she has given it up, too, far as I know.

    If you make the cookies, either leave the honey out, cut down on it (if you use it at all), or substitute raw agave nectar. They were just ‘way too sweet for my taste.

    The mayo is a recipe out of Frederic’s Instant Raw Sensations. It’s a mixture of tomato, lemon juice, basil leaves, avocado, and kelp powder. I think I used sea salt instead of the kelp since I didn’t have any of that. I only made it the one time. I don’t remember if I liked it or not.

    I’ve posted the link for the vision therapy that I do. My vision isn’t as good now as it was when I was doing the therapy daily but it’s better than it was before I started. I’ve posted some “tips and tricks” to use along with the kit.

    No, there are no books that I can’t live without. I have several. I would be lost without Roger’s forum, though. He has, as a perk for members, posted Instant Raw Sensations, The Raw Secrets, and several other books and publications in ebook format. I would like to get Doug Graham’s Perfect Health program but it’s a little out of my reach right now.

    Hope this helps and I’m going to bed for sure now!

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