I got up in time to exercise everything except my eyes, and that’s tomorrow. I read some more in Mad Cowboy before I went to sleep last night.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. Break was an orange. I didn’t have enough staff today to cover for me to go outside and sun. I missed it.

Lunch was a banana/spinach smoothie, celery, and my last four Campari tomatoes. 🙁 I used the blender and it’s unnerving that it starts out on high. The man I bought it from is going to send me another base. I like doing business with people who are willing to make things right.

One of my friends came in for some lab work and was going on and on about how much weight I’ve lost. I seem to be stuck at 133.5 right now but maybe I’m firming up more. I dunno.

I did get 15 minutes in the sun this afternoon when the second shift person came in. I almost drifted off to sleep, it was so nice and warm.

I’ve gotten some nice comments on my last post. People are actually reading my blog and getting inspired! It’s good to know that my efforts aren’t going to waste. There are a lot of raw blogs out there that feature recipes galore and I’ve put a few on here but I have gotten to the point that I like plain old food. It isn’t that it’s too much trouble to fix. I’ve fixed it and eaten a little and the rest would become a science project. I can’t afford to throw away those expensive mixtures but I don’t feel as good when I eat them plus my tastebuds aren’t as happy, either. So why bother? People scramble for recipes that are heavy on nuts, seeds, nama shoyu, olive oil, and the list goes on and on. Cracker recipes abound. I’ve made several and most of them are still in the freezer. They are more of a novelty to me than something to eat every day.

My watermelon isn’t going to waste! I had a big slice when I got home. Then I had some tomatoes with Tajin followed by a big salad of romaine, tomato, cucumber, avocado, dressed with lemon juice and some sea salt. I left the onion off. It makes my sweat stink. The salad tasted just as good without it, too.

If I’m going to read any tonight, I’m going to have to quit this and go to bed.


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  1. Liz April 12, 2006 at 4:22 pm #

    Hi Tommie,

    I just started reading your blog from the beginning–I’m through June and July. You mentioned somewhere in there that Tofutti was bad for you?? My boyfriend is vegan (not quite ready for the raw thing yet) and occasionally eats it on bagels. Did you mean it was bad because it was cooked? Or is there something else? Also, if you have an info on soy (he eats a ton of it and it worries me, mostly tofu), could you pass it along? Thank you so much! I’m glad that you are enjoying Mad Cowboy; that book changed my life and my boyfriend’s. We read it last May and went vegan immediately. I haven’t missed any of it! Nor have I missed cooked food when I stopped eating it in September:o).

  2. Tommie April 12, 2006 at 7:24 pm #

    Google soy and you’ll come up with some amazing information. Soy is high in fat, naturally occurring estrogens, and toxins. It can cause a man to have a low sperm count and, if a pregnant woman eats it freely, it can cause deformity of the genitals in her male child. I have found pictures of them on the WWW and it’s pitiful. It has an effect on the hypothalamus that can cause a man to become effeminate. It’s highly processed. If you ate the fresh beans, cooked, it probably wouldn’t be as bad for you but soy should never be eaten raw because of the toxins. Cows are fed soy to make them gain weight. There are things that can be eaten raw and other things have to be cooked to be eaten. If something HAS to be cooked, it isn’t meant for human consumption. An excellent book on soy is The Whole Soy Story by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN. I used to love soy and would buy fake steak and phony baloney by the case–until my thyroid went belly up.

    My, my, girl! You started reading from the beginning? I think you are the first person who tackled that! I hope you learn something from all that. I only missed one day blogging during that time. Some of the entries are short but they are there!

    Congratulations on being raw since September! Isn’t it awesome to be rawsome?

  3. Cassandra Land November 4, 2006 at 12:55 pm #

    Hi Tommie! Saw this comment and just had to reply. 😉 I’ve been reading your journal through from day 1. My husband and I are getting ready to go raw, probably next week. We’ve just been finishing up the little cooked food we had left in the house. We’ve been reading a bunch on the web to see what we need to get all the nutrients. We’ve been vegan since April and are looking forward to going the rest of the way to a healthy diet. My doc was impressed last time I saw her – I went from 154 lbs. down to 137 in 5 months (I’m 5’6, close to a healthy weight but not as healthy as I should be, if you know what I mean). Thanks for posting about your experiences! It helps to read what someone else went through in the transition so that I can be more prepared on what to expect.

    And Happy Sabbath!!

  4. Tommie November 4, 2006 at 5:31 pm #

    My, my, Cassandra! Another brave soul! It’s like reading a not-too-well-written book! If it will help, though, more power to you!

    Here’s something I “lifted” from Dr. Graham’s forum:
    “A simple guideline for ladies is to allow 100 pounds for the first five feet, and then to add 2-4 pounds for each inch over 5 feet. That would put you [the person who had posted a question] in the 106 to 124 range, depending upon your muscularity and physique. I have seen few women that can carry the four pound recommendation well, as they have to be quite well muscled. Lighter is typically the rule, rather than the exception, for most ladies. I have seen many who can easily carry off 1 pound for each inch over 5 feet whereas almost none but body builders can be healthy at 5 pounds per inch…
    Dr D”

    Since I am not particularly muscular, but I’m getting “up there”, age-wise, I’m not going to get down to 106. 8)

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