It’s late but I have the bulletin done (sans church service info), I’m almost packed, and I need to get to bed.

I overslept this morning after getting to bed 45 minutes late last night and it’s later than that now. I didn’t do my vision therapy. I didn’t have time.

Breakfast was OJ and a spinach/banana smoothie. Break was an orange. Lunch was three bananas, a cucumber, and three Campari tomatoes.

On up in the afternoon, the wind died down so I went out and sat in the sun for 15 minutes.

I had watermelon, tomatoes, and salad when I got home.

This evening, my neighbor asked to borrow my phone so he could call his wife who is in FL. He’d lost their cell phone. After a long time, he brought my phone back and said that he’d found their phone folded up in some towels. At 8:40, he was knocking on my door and wanted me to take him to his sister-in-law’s house. I told him I couldn’t tonight but I would in the morning. He said he’d ask the neighbor across the street. I don’t know if he got a ride with him or not. There was no way I could go and do all I needed to do tonight.

Yesterday morning, he’d knocked on my door and asked to use my phone. He brought it back and said he couldn’t get it to work. When I looked at the numbers he was trying to call, I could see why. I don’t have long distance service on my phone. I use a calling card from OneSuite. He said that he had to be in town for an appointment at 9. It was almost that then. I told him he could ride with me. I gathered up my things and met him with the car. When he got in, he said, “By the way. I have to go to (the other side of the mountain).” I was already late to work but I figured I’d do my good deed for the day. I had my green smoothie with me (I’d had my OJ earlier) and he was amazed that I would drink something that looked like that. The girls were surprised that I was late and didn’t call but there was no way for me to.

I had an orange at my mid-morning break (this was yesterday, remember?) and lunch was a banana/peach smoothie, cucumber, Campari tomatoes. Sound familiar?

When I got home, I had watermelon, tomatoes, and salad.

I’ve been transitioning Twinkle back to dry cat food so she won’t starve over the weekend. She’ll eat it but then she’ll meow until I give her some raw food.

And now, I’m going to bed. I feel like I’m meeting myself coming back.

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  1. Amy April 6, 2006 at 8:56 pm #

    Hi Tommie! I love your blog. I’d love to know… how is your vision therapy going? Have you noticed any results?

  2. Tommie April 9, 2006 at 9:40 pm #

    It would do better if I did it more often. When I was doing it daily, I could really tell a difference. Doing it weekly helps. I’m still able to get by without any glasses at all most of the time and can do some (not all) reading without my “drugstore” glasses. I do have to wear them whenever I play the organ.

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