I have fooled around until it’s too late to do much blogging.

This was vision therapy day. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/pear/spinach smoothie. It wouldn’t all fit in the glass so I poured the overflow in a little glass and found it still on the counter when I got home.

It was a beautiful sunshiny day today and I managed to take my morning break outside. The breeze was a little cool, but when it would die down, it felt wonderful.

Break was two kiwi and an orange. Lunch was a banana/blueberry smoothie and three Campari tomatoes.

I’d thought about going to town on the other side of the mountain to get stuff for Patient Access Week which is April 3-7 but I came on home instead. I was getting hungry and I don’t like to wait too long to eat.

When I got home, I had some tomatoes mashed up with some chili powder. There was a Campari tomato that needed to be eaten so I had that, too. Then I made a large salad and dressed it with Matt’s dip. I’m getting so it really doesn’t appeal to me any more. I like more simple things.

Twinkle has been eating her chicken/turkey medallions for a couple of days now. She doesn’t love them like she does the other flavors but she did chow down and eat a whole one tonight. I don’t think I’ll order any more of them.

Better get to bed. It’s almost time!

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