Since I wasn’t going to work until after the funeral, I had plenty of time to do all of my exercises, eat, shower, and get ready to go.

Breakfast was OJ and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and spinach.

When I got to the funeral home, the music had already started. A couple of the other supervisors were there so I sat with them. The music was beautiful. A man was playing the piano softly and another man, sitting almost out of sight, was singing “Peace in the Valley”. He also sang “Amazing Grace” and “Just as I Am”. The service was short but nice. I think the loss had hit the widow today. Her granddaughter was having a hard time, too. I could relate to that. When my father died, I was not quite five years old. I started crying at the funeral home but I didn’t want anyone to know I was crying about him so I lied and said I bit my tongue. It’s going to take time for her to come to terms with this. Even though he was her step-grandfather, he was the only one she’d ever known. I rode to the cemetery with the other supervisors. It is ‘way out in the country, past the local airport. He was buried under a tree. From what I understood, he would have liked that. He loved the great outdoors. He was buried with his baseball cap on.

When we got back to town, it was getting later than I’d planned to be gone so I headed home to have something to eat and fix a smoothie to take to work with me. I’d gotten a mango yesterday that was pretty ripe so I had that and then blended up a banana/pear/agave nectar smoothie.

I didn’t take time to change my clothes but went on to work. I’m not used to clomping around in high heels for that long so it was nice to come home and take them off. Before I did that, though, there were plenty of problems for me to tackle plus one of the girls had borrowed a laptop from a friend and it was being balky. I worked on it for a little while and got it back to, I think, normal. She wanted to know what was wrong with it and I told her it was borrowed. I would say never borrow something more expensive than you can replace, if necessary.

My stomach was pretty empty by the time I got home. I had a couple of tomatoes blended up with some chili powder. Then I made an almost too big salad and had at it.

One of the supervisors told me today that she’d been concerned about me when she saw me at Christmastime but she thinks I look great now. That’s nice to know. I think the improvement could be increasing my leafy greens intake and my time in the sun. My sister said it was time for some pictures. Guess she didn’t read where I’m going to wait until my first anniversary–I think.

Well, if I get off here and get ready, I’ll go to bed early tonight.


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  1. Anonymous March 30, 2006 at 12:57 pm #

    I bet you look even more beautiful now then ever. Maybe you’ll just have to post a few pictures before your “anniversary”?!(hint) That’s nice about what your supervisor said about you…


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