I’m through with Day 1 of the Green Cleanse. I did okay until after I got home and I’m used to having a big bowl of tomatoes and then a huge salad. I don’t guess either would be off-limits but I like overt fat with my salad and that’s out for now. I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with Tera, Fred’s Smiling Assistant, and she’s been trying to help me out with suggestions. I think I’ll make it now.

Did all of my exercises this morning including the NT and HR. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. It was better than when I tried it before. Maybe my tastebuds have changed and maybe it was better romaine. It was a quart, anyway.

Break was a tangerine and a kiwi. I’d taken the VitaMix out from under the sink and loaded it into the car, dodging raindrops. At lunchtime, I blended up bananas, spinach, and blueberries. I don’t know exactly how much it was but it was probably about a quart and a half. I also had a pear and some celery.

When I got home, I put a tray’s worth of dehydrated celery in the coffee grinder and turned it into salt. That done, I peeled a tomato, chunked it up, and sprinkled some over the tomato. It’s a very good salt substitute. Then I blended up bananas, pear, and more romaine. It came up to the quart mark on the blender. That made 3.5 quarts.

I was still hungry so I ate some raspberries. After awhile, I had another pear. I’ve topped 2000 calories but only 5% fat. According to Tera, I should have smooth sailing by Wednesday. Or maybe after Wednesday.

Tomorrow is going to be a killer at work. All the department heads were called to a special meeting today so we could get the budget for the next fiscal year. We have to make our changes and justify them–and turn them in tomorrow. That’s is the least amount of time we’ve ever had to complete it. I have all my stuff from last year and there are some things that I’m going to have to battle for but I’m willing to give it my best shot.

Better go brush my teeth and get ready for bed. G’night!

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