38 weeks with only
one cooked meal!

I’m pretty sleepy tonight. I was up until 11:45 last night and that’s hard after getting to bed before 10 the night before.

I got up and exercised this morning except for the NT and HR. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m ever going to get back into them.

Breakfast was OJ, part of a plum (it wasn’t wonderful), and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and spinach. I’d forgotten and left the blueberries out of the freezer yesterday and put them in when I got home. There weren’t many in the bag so I took the rest to work to go in my lunch smoothie. My breakfast smoothie was thick with spinach.

As I planned, I went in to work late.

Break was a tangerine and a kiwi. I was going to go outside to eat them but it was too cold. I think winter is coming in again. And I wanted to get some more sun!

Lunch was a banana/blueberry smoothie, a pear, tomatoes, and cucumber.

After work, I had to go to the bank, pay my car insurance, and pick up my generic Synthroid. I stopped by the church to make sure the heat was turned on, leave the bulletins, set up the organ, and practice. I spent some time tidying up and putting hymnals where they belonged. My stomach was beginning to feel pretty empty.

When I got home, I had tomato/cream soup and then had tomato, cucumber, and green onion in lime juice with EVOO, sea salt, onion powder, and agave nectar. I waited too long to have a salad so that’s it for me.

Some old friends came in today and were amazed at my weight loss. One of the nurses called me Skinny Minnie. True to the song, I told her I’m not skinny, I’m tall. That’s all. At 5’3″, that’s debatable.

I got my lab results today for my TSH and T4. TSH is 1.439 which is well within the normal range. My T4 is 7.6 which is normal, too.

I keep forgetting to say that the last time I took my hormones was on New Year’s Eve. I “glow” every now and then but it’s not often. Like maybe every few days. And it isn’t a full-blown hot flash. Not bad at all.

It’s getting toward 10 o’clock. I need to hit the hay. Happy Sabbath!

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