Note: For some reason, this wouldn’t post last night. It finally did this morning.

I got to bed early last night and turned the light off at 9:41 but I’m sure not getting there tonight.

The day started off well. I got up and did most of my exercises. The NT and HR stood still, though.

Breakfast was OJ and banana/raisin “oatmeal”. Break was a couple of tangerines. I ate them outside and took off my jacket so I could get some sun. It was a little breezy but I managed to spend at least 10 minutes outside.

Lunch was a banana/blueberry smoothie, cucumber, and tomatoes.

I should back up to when I got to work. Things were humming along and I did all my routine things and then everything fell apart. A huge situation came up that took up the rest of the day and then some for two of us and eventually involved several others. There was overtime involved and since it was the second day this week that I was there late, I just may go in late tomorrow. I had to put the Lord on notice, too, that I needed more help than usual and He didn’t fail me.

One bright spot–I saw one of the ladies that goes to my church and she was exclaiming over my weight loss. She wanted to know about how I’ve done it. When I told her, she said that she had been thinking about eating raw food so I gave her my card. A lot of people think that you just replace what you would normally eat cooked with raw but that isn’t true. There is a systematic way that it should be done to be successful and I would have never been able to do it without Roger’s help and the forum HowToGoRaw. There are many different teachers out there with many different methods but this is the only one that makes sense. He bases his coaching on Doug Graham’s 811rv (80% carbs, 10% fat, 10% protein, raw vegan) lifestyle. But enough for now. I’m sleepy.

This is bulletin night. I had all the info for it but I didn’t get home in time to start on it when I needed to. Before that, I had a carton of organic strawberries. I didn’t want to be up for a long time working on the bulletin so I put off eating my salad until after it was done. While I was eating, I got interested in The American Inventor and ended up watching the whole thing. Which is one reason I’m still up.

I’m going to have to get to bed. This is ridiculous.

Good night!

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