It looks like I may actually get to bed on time tonight! This morning was vision therapy time so I didn’t exercise anything but my eyes.

Breakfast was OJ, some fresh raspberries (yummy!), and a, SURPRISE! smoothie. It was bananas, blueberries, and organic spinach. The spinach isn’t as nice as it has been in previous months. It took awhile to clean it and get it ready to blend.

Break was strawberries (not organic that I’d bought yesterday) and two tangerines.

Lunch was a banana/blueberry smoothie, half a cucumber, and a couple of tomatoes.

When I was picking up the mail this morning, I saw someone that used to work in our office. She said she almost didn’t recognize me because I’ve lost so much weight. I guess she noticed that I had slacks on that fit. No one else seemed to but they are the same color as one of my too-big pairs.

On my way out of town, I got some plums. They aren’t too wonderful but I had one when I got home. Then I had a bowl of tomatoes and a large salad. One of the girls at work had brought me some organic arugula she’d gotten at a food show. It gave my salad a nice “kick”.

Think I’ll go to bed and read some in Green for Life.

Good night!

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