It was later than usual when I got up but I didn’t have to leave until more than an hour later than I have to when I’m going to work.

Breakfast was OJ and a couple of bananas. I’d gotten up in the night and put the “burgers” on a plate and covered them with plastic wrap. I left them on top of the dehydrator. They were a darker brown than usual because I’d used a whole carton of baby ‘bellas. I made the cashew “gravy” (after I got up for the day–not in the middle of the night) and tore up some romaine for salad. Then I put cucumber, purple onion, and tomato to marinade in a mix of lemon juice, lime juice, olive oil (uh-oh), sea salt (ditto), agave nectar, and onion powder. I didn’t have time to cut up the pineapple so I put it in a bag and took it whole.

The pastor was sick so his wife stood in for him. She did a good job. She’s a natural which means she has a God-given talent for speaking. I managed to make it through my song without fainting. I had to accompany myself which makes it harder to sing. It’s easier to breathe standing up.

The knives in the fellowship hall kitchen are pitiful. I managed, finally, to butcher the pineapple but it wasn’t easy. I’d made a large sign to put on the “burgers” and “gravy” so no one would grab them and nuke them in the microwave. All of the burgers were eaten–or at least they were taken. I was told that they were good. I wouldn’t know. I had one little crumb after I got home. That’s okay. I didn’t need them anyway. I had taken an orange and some bananas and added in a few pieces of pineapple for my lunch. I brought home some of the gravy, and what was left of the romaine and marinated veggies.

A couple of the ladies sitting across the table from me were curious about my diet. One of them said that she is working toward raw but when she described what she eats, I’d say she has a way to go. Most of it is cooked. She thinks that raw would be too expensive but she is using supplements that cost lots of money and aren’t really good for a person, either. One of them has been said to cause the weakening of blood vessel walls and can cause stroke. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have the documentation for it and it would only be from that large tome called I’ve Read. All of the powders have been processed and are good for the pocketbooks of the people who sell them. I’m sure she can find out all she needs to know about them if she does some research.

I used to take handfuls of vitamins, minerals, and “miracle” preparations. I weaned myself off all of them and as I’d stop one, I’d feel better. I save a lot of money, too. I remember counting what I’d take at one time. Four of the pills were prescriptions but the other nine were things that I had decided I needed. Now I’m on one prescription and none of the supplements.

When I got home, I had some cream of tomato soup. Later, I put the leftover romaine in a bowl with some Boston lettuce and some of the marinated veggies. I couldn’t quite finish all of the lettuce. I watched “Love’s Enduring Promise” while I ate. It’s a sequel to “Love Comes Softly” and is almost as good.

My clock says it’s time to stop and I’d better obey.

Good night!

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