I banished Twinkle last night as planned and I slept well until my usual getting-up time. Then I was wide awake. I was stubborn, though, and stayed in bed until I went back to sleep and woke up a couple hours later.

I measured and my affair with olive oil the past few days showed up as a two inch gain in my lower abs and hips–an inch each. I hadn’t gained any weight but fat weighs less than muscle.

Breakfast was OJ, part of a mango (I had to throw the rest away), and a smoothie of banana, blueberries, and spinach. I have to be careful not to have my OJ too close to my sweet fruit. Not a good combination. I had half a cucumber left over from my supper yesterday so I munched on that. I forgot that I had a kiwi sometime.

My daughter called earlier this week than last and we had a good visit for more than an hour and a quarter. A lot of our discussion was on gardening. She and her husband are going to be doing container gardening this year. They did a little last year but they are going into it more.

After I checked the temperature and found that it was 63, I put on a tank top and went out with a towel and pillow to get some sun. I lay down on a concrete pad next to the house for 15 minutes. I had on long grubby pants so I pulled them up over my knees and basked. It was nice until some clouds covered the sun and then it was cool. I made it for the full time–and I’d taken my timer with me to be sure.

When I got back in, I had a bowl of tomatoes. Later on, I had a banana peach smoothie with some agave nectar and a drop of vanilla. This vanilla is the real thing, too. The husband of a friend of mine brought it to me from Mexico. It takes far less than regular vanilla extract. I’d heard how wonderful coconut oil makes a smoothie so I had the second half with a spoonful blended in. I couldn’t really tell a difference and this oil has a very pronounced coconut-ty taste.

I warmed up one of the “burgers” and the leftover mushrooms by putting them in plastic baggies and laying them on the dehydrator. I also warmed up the “gravy”. I made a much larger salad than I had last night and ate it all. I’ve read that the “burgers” freeze well. I need to do that so I don’t eat too many of them. I feel like I overdid it having them two days in a row. I had an extra dollop of “gravy” and dipped the ‘shrooms in it, too.

Twinkle had eaten all of her venison when I let her out this morning and then ate another medallion later in the day. I put another one out for her which she polished off in no time. Guess I can give her something else now. She averages three to four a day and she’s supposed to eat three for her age and weight.

Better get ready for bed or I’m going to be up too late.

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