It’s almost my bedtime and I have yet to hear from the pastor. He’s supposed to e-mail me the info for the church service so I can have it when I get home on Thursday. Everything is set up and ready to go except for that. I’ve called and e-mailed and have gotten no response. It may have “To be announced” this week.

I got up a little late this morning but I’d gotten to bed a half hour late last night. I did all of my exercises except for pushups and the NT and HR. I didn’t have time for the latter two but my biceps and triceps (or maybe it’s just one or the other, I don’t know) on my right arm are painful. I tried to do the pushups but I couldn’t. I left a message on the forum for Roger asking if I should work through it and try to do them anyway but he said to rest it and let it heal if it’s injured. I don’t know that there’s any injury but it sure is sore.

Breakfast was OJ, strawberries, half a mango, and a banana/spinach smoothie. Break was some kumquats, an orange, and the rest of the strawberries I didn’t eat at breakfast. Lunch was bananas and a cucumber. I took all of the strawberries that were left except for one pint and let anyone at work have them that wanted them. They are pretty and they smell good but they don’t have the flavor that the first ones I ate did.

When I got home, I was out getting ready to put more cardboard on the garden when my neighbor came over. He said he was cooking supper and would invite me over to eat with them but he knew I wouldn’t eat it. He said he was fixing a pork roast, veggies, and potatoes. He said, “You could eat everything but the meat.” (He knows that I have never eaten meat.) I asked him what he was having that was raw. He said, “Nothing.” I said that I’d had one cooked meal in the past eight months and everything else I ate was raw. He said that wasn’t good. I asked, “Do you think I’ll get sick because I’m getting too much nutrition?” He said, “It just isn’t good for you.” I asked him why. Was cooked food better because it doesn’t have as many vitamins and minerals? He finally shrugged and said that he’s always been a meat and potatoes man like his grandfather. He said he’d died back in ’76. I asked him how old he was and he said 79. I remarked that 79 is seeming younger all the time and he agreed.

I came in and fixed some “chili” and had a large salad with the rest of Matt’s dip on it. It was romaine, another cucumber, some slivered purple onion, and a tomato. I did manage to finish it.

Better get to bed. I’m not going to stay up any longer in the hope that I’ll hear something.

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