Which do I believe? My atomic clock on the cabinet says 10:00. The clock on my computer (which is supposed to be synchronized to the atomic clock) says 9:58. At any rate, I’m going to be late getting to bed tonight.

Today was property tax day. The last day I could pay without a penalty. I got up at my regular time and exercised. After that, I had a leisurely breakfast of OJ and a banana/mango/blueberry smoothie.

I took my shower and got ready to go plunk my life savings down. I stopped at the cemetery and visited Mother’s grave. It won’t be long until I can plant some things on it. I was behind some other cars when I got into town and every one of them headed for the same place I was going. I thought it would take awhile but it didn’t. The women in that office are very adept at taking people’s money. What took time was getting out of the parking lot.

It was on to Wal*Mart and they didn’t have any organic spinach. I got commercial baby spinach and a few other things. When I was perusing the produce section, I saw a woman who looked familiar. Turns out it was a nurse who used to work as case manager at the hospital. She’d quit and gone to the local hospital on the other side of the mountain. We had a short visit and caught up. She’d had a gastric bypass several years ago and has lost a lot of weight. I think I’d rather do that my way. Anyhow, she’s pregnant now. Wonder how that will go with the chronic malnutrition that surgery causes? We said our goodbyes and I checked out shortly. I went one other place and got some grapes and frozen strawberries.

I brought my purchases home and put everything away, then blended up a smoothie of bananas and spinach to take with me. It was a pretty green.

When I got to work I had some of the grapes that I’d washed and taken to share. The wife of one of the patients had brought in some strawberries she’d gotten at a stand in town so I had some of them along with my orange. I used the excuse of having to take the deposit to the bank to go get a flat of berries. They are beautiful, they smell good, taste good, and are red all the way through.

I brought my purchase and myself home. When I got everything squared away, I took a couple of cups of berries to my neighbor. I told him to share with his wife and he gave me a blank stare. I repeated myself with more volume and force and he finally agreed that he would. I know she loves strawberries so I hope he didn’t eat them all before she got in from work.

I had yet another smoothie. This time, it was a cup of strawberries and some OJ. It was yummy! I’d gotten some corn at Wally World and turned an ear of it into corn chowder. Later, I had my salad and I couldn’t quite get it all down–again.

It’s well past my bedtime so I’ll hang this up until tomorrow. Night, all!

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