I managed to sleep in for a little while this morning. When I got up, I measured first thing. I’ve lost just 3/4″ this week but it’s that much more gone. I did all my exercises, too.

I took some pictures before I had my breakfast. I’ll try to get them on here soon.

Breakfast was OJ, a smoothie of bananas and a mango, and a pear. It was sort of late so I didn’t have anything between breakfast and lunch. Lunch was another smoothie of bananas and spinach, the last of my organic.

After lunch, I took all the boxes I’d broken down and pitched them out the front door. It took awhile because there were a lot of them. A few at a time, I moved them to the garden spot. Since the wind was coming from the North, I started laying them on the garden from the South end. I had to overlap them to completely cover the ground. I thought I’d have enough to cover it but it ended up covering maybe 1/3. I took concrete blocks and weighted down the last row. When I came into the house, my cat didn’t like whatever I’d stepped in and let me know as much. She was okay as soon as I took off my shoes.

My daughter called later than usual. She and my SIL had gone out to eat with one of their former co-workers and some other people. While we visited, I crawled into the tub for a soak. After talking for an hour and a half, we signed off and I got out.

Supper was “chili” and such a big salad that I couldn’t handle it all.

I need to get ready for bed so I’ll let you rest now. Good night!

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