I made it to bed before 9:30 last night. Twinkle woke me up rousting about at 5 something so I hollered at her and went back to sleep. I got up who knows when but it was in time to get ready for Sabbath School and church.

The weather had other ideas. When I looked outside it seemed okay but as soon as I put my foot on the step, I knew it wasn’t. It was a solid sheet of ice. Not the kind you can walk on. I waited until a more reasonable hour and called one of the other organists. She wasn’t sure she was going to be at church, either, so I called the pastor. He said for me to stay safe and make the best decision so I elected to stay at home.

Breakfast was OJ and some pineapple and then a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. Later on, I had a pear and after that, it was an organic orange the size of a small grapefruit.

I got out my spiral slicer and made some turnip “pasta”. I have it soaking in lemon water even as I write. I need to have another fruit meal before I have my veggie meal so I’m going to fix a banana/kale smoothie. I may have some tomatoes, too.

I’ll be checking back in later. This isn’t it for the day yet.

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