It’s getting down to the wire that I need to get this done.

I ate some more bananas before I left to come home today. I stopped several places and got food on the way.

When I got to the cemetery to visit Mother’s grave, I discovered that there was snow on it. Not much, but a smidgen.

It was snowing when I left yesterday and snowing when I got home today. It’s supposed to be flurrying and showering until midnight. It was deeper.

I got the car unloaded after several trips and started on something to eat. I’d bought some frozen strawberries so I broke out a bag and blended them with OJ. I had to wait until it thawed before I could drink it. Then I had some tomatoes.

After that, I called my daughter to see how she and her husband were coping with the snow. They have about a foot. They’re fine.

Then it was bath time. After I got out of the tub, I had some slaw and “meat” loaf.

That’s it for tonight.

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