Twinkle kept jumping up on my bed and walking around from early this morning until I gave up and put her in the bathroom farthest from my bedroom and closed the door. I went back to bed and slept until almost 8. That’s really sleeping in for me. I’d gotten to bed about 9:45 last night.

I measured and I’ve lost another 2.25″. My weight stayed at 137.5. I exercised and then had breakfast of OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie.

Since I hadn’t talked to my daughter for a couple of weeks, I called her and got their voice mail. She called me back and we talked for some 45 minutes. I was going to eat before I left for the funeral but I didn’t have time.

The service was very nice and the funeral director was handing out cookies beforehand. I passed. I was told I should eat one in the deceased’s memory but I didn’t think it would do anyone any good if I upchucked on the carpet. It kind of concerns me that people think I should put my stomach at risk to make other people happy. I’ve been off that kind of food for more than seven months and I have no idea how my body would react to it. I have no desire to find out. It’s sort of repulsive. I was talking to my former pastor who thinks that I should take one day out of the seven to eat cooked so I can have fellowship with the church members. Why couldn’t they eat better one day a week instead of my jeopardizing my health to eat like they do?

I saw a lot of people I know and was able to visit afterward.

I went to the local supermarket to see if I could get some Campari tomatoes but they were out. I got some broccoli then went on to the famous fruit and veggie place. I got some Honeybelles and some strawberries there.

On the way home, I went by my mother’s grave then it was up the mountain.

I hadn’t had anything since breakfast but I wasn’t terribly hungry. I’ve found that I do better without food on this diet than I did on cooked. I think my body is stronger because of it and the exercising.

It’s been awhile since I took any pictures so I set up the camera and did some eight second poses. I’ll post them on here soon but not tonight.

Since I hadn’t eaten for awhile, I tried to make up for it and ate too much too close together, I believe. First, I had a couple of the Honeybelles the a kiwi. After that, I had some bananas. Before they had time to settle, I had a smoothie of OJ, strawberries, and kale. It was enormous and I had a hard time finishing it. I finally strained the last 1/2 cup or so and drank the liquid part.

It’s about time for bed. I lured Twinkle into the bathroom with her food and she’s up for the night. I’ve already done my ablutions so I’m ready to fly up!

Good night!

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