I’m trying to get started on blogging before my 15 minute break is over and I’m hitting all the wrong keys.

I got up shortly after the alarm went off this morning. I exercised plus did the 5 minutes each on the Nordic Track and the Healthrider. Those definitely make me work up a sweat.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. Break was a banana and dates since I’d failed to take anything else. Lunch was bananas, dates, and cucumber. I’d taken more bananas and cucumber for a late snack since I was supposed to pick up my produce but that got put off until tomorrow.

I came home and tried on the dress that I wore a year ago today to my mother’s memorial service. I wish I had a picture to compare it to but I don’t. Here are the results:

Does it fit?

Does it fit?
I don’t think so…
What do you think???

It doesn't

If you want to see me in all my glory, right-click on the pictures and click on “Open”. Well, that works on Opera but it doesn’t seem to on Internet Explorer. You can right click, go to Properties, copy the address and paste it into the browser, then click on Go. Doubt that anyone would be that interested.

I’m on my second break and then I’ll have to quit this and get ready for bed.

After my modeling stint, I had some OJ. I got busy and fixed my Mexican Walnut Spread rollups. I think I overdid it on the onion, though. My stomach doesn’t feel as good as it should. Does that mean that I’ve failed on 100% raw? No. It just means that the raw food I ate wasn’t the best.

I’ve gotten more accomplished today than usual with the challenge urging me on. I work better under pressure, anyway. I’ve known that for a long time.

My food and exercise are posted on fitday, as usual and the link is at the right of this post.

I almost forgot! I bought some garbanzos from Dove Creek, CO, close to where one of my sisters lives and I soaked them today and have them in my sprouter. In a few days, I’ll try some things with them. Like raw hummus?

I’d better wind this up! Good night!

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