It’s getting late (again) but tomorrow night will see me in bed before 10 o’clock rolls around. It’s the beginning of the 21 Day Challenge to form three good habits and that’s one of my goals.

I got up fairly early this morning and measured. I’ve lost 3″ overall. The breakdown is:
Upper Abs -0.5
Waist -0.5
Lower Abs -1
Hips -0.25
Thighs -0.5 each
Upper Arms -0.25 each
which makes a total of 25″ lost since June 25. The breakdown of the total is:
Upper Abs -5
Waist -5.25
Lower Abs -5.5
Hips -2.75
Thighs -3.5 each
Upper Arms -3 each

I exercised all my body parts but not my eyes. That’s Wednesday.

Breakfast was OJ, a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie, and half a cherimoya.

I got ready and left to go to my great-niece’s bridal shower. Two of my sisters, my niece, a niece-in-law (mother of the bride), and three great-nieces were there. I’d seen my brother-in-law long enough for him to pick my brain about a computer problem. One of my sisters asked me about my corn chips so I know she’s been reading my blog. I assured her they weren’t commercial corn chips. There was cake, chips, nuts, and mints along with punch but I didn’t indulge. The honoree got lots of things. I took a couple of bananas and some dates with me but didn’t eat them until I was back at my niece’s house. I ate them while my sister and I visited.

Then I went to the supermarket on the university campus. Since my order from the organic co-op will be in tomorrow, I didn’t buy a whole lot of stuff. It still added up. While I was there, I passed by a woman who looked familiar but I’ve been wrong before so I didn’t say anything. She turned around and came back and let me know she knew me. Turns out the she’s the daughter of a friend of mine. She is all excited about the raw food diet so we talked for quite awhile. I gave her my e-mail address and will send her some links when she e-mails me. She feels that the Lord is impressing her to eat raw because she has so many conditions that are connected with diet. She’s diabetic and she has a family history of heart disease. There are probably other factors, too, but I know about those. Her mother is diabetic and is interested in the diet but hasn’t made the move yet but I can understand that since it took me more than a year. I may be wrong but I think that most illnesses could be cured or at least alleviated to a point by raw food. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than going to the doctor and taking medication. Plus it makes me feel good!

When I got home, I had an OJ/strawberry smoothie with the rest of the berries. Some time later, I had romaine rollups with some of the spread from yesterday but I did them a little differently. I chopped up tomato, yellow pepper, and onion but this time I mixed them with the spread. It made them easier to handle because I wasn’t losing my toppings all the time. I had a few of the corn chips, too. You can find the recipe for them here.

I need to post my food on fitday and then I’m going to get ready for bed. Good night!

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