It’s past my bedtime so I’m going to make this brief. That’s supposed to be better, anyway, isn’t it?

I got up and did my vision therapy this morning. I didn’t have time to exercise.

Look at my weight chart!
I’m actually in the healthy weight range! That’s exciting!

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie.

I was late to work because my storm door was frozen shut as was my car door. I had to get something to pry the car door open after I’d kicked the storm door and managed to get out. I set the car alarm off but it had reset itself while I came into the house to get a tool. After my door is unlocked, I have 30 seconds to open it or it locks back so I had to work fast. Plus, I had to unlock it with the key which usually sets the alarm off but I guess it didn’t since it thought it was unlocked with the remote. Such advances!

Break was oranges (I took the rest of the CA oranges to work and shared them) and the last of the Clementines. Lunch was bananas, cucumber, celery, and Campari tomatoes.

My order of organic oranges came and they are really good. Very rich. I knew that, at the price, I was going to have to eat/drink less of them but it will be no problem. They are extremely satisfying. After I had half a cherimoya when I got home, I had an orange and some orange juice. Then I had a bowl of tomatoes. My sufficiency is surrencified and any more would be obnoxious to my taste. That’s quoting my husband’s Aunt Audrey.

I’ve posted my food on fitday and I’m going to “fly up” as my mother would say.

Good night!

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