29 weeks today! Wow!

I may be in for the duration. It’s supposed to snow tonight but I’ll be surprised if it does. We haven’t had a decent snow for years, literally. The Blizzard of ’93 was the last one that was significant. That’s been 13 years. Almost. Of course, it happened in March so it hasn’t been quite 13 years. I remember when I was just a yunkster that I thought it was the Old People’s province to say, “Well, back in ’34…” I guess I’m an Old People.

I tried to call my sister tonight. I haven’t heard from her for a long time and I’m getting concerned. Surely I’d hear some way if she wasn’t okay. Last I heard, she was battling a Bug but she was winning.

My alarm hadn’t gone off when I got up this morning. I exercised. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. My break came a little late because I got an assignment to do an organizational chart and I was having to figure it out since I don’t do them that often. I ate my Clementines and strawberries while I worked.

Lunch was bananas, a persimmon (my last fuyu–boohoo), three Campari tomatoes (I took four but I shared one), and some cucumber.

After work, I went by the church to turn on the heat and leave the bulletins. I set up the organ and practiced for a little while. Once a week isn’t going to make me a maestro.

When I got home, I had OJ and later I had some tomatoes. I wasn’t hungry for anything else so I figured I’d let that be that. My food for the day is posted on fitday.

Happy Sabbath, y’all!

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