The bulletin is done and printed off and I’m to play the organ for church. I’m back where I was this time two years ago. Except…

I exercised and didn’t eat breakfast before I left the house. I was supposed to fast so the x-ray supervisor could try out the new ultrasound on my gallbladder. I packed all sorts of food to take with me. When I got to work, there was a sticky on my monitor saying that she had a patient so we couldn’t do it today. Breakfast was OJ, then a carton of strawberries and two Clementines. Later, I had two bananas. Lunch was “oatmeal” with raisins, a white sapote, dates, and half a cucumber.

When I got home, I had OJ. I hadn’t had my green smoothie for the day so I blended up a couple of tomatoes, a stalk of celery, a large amount of spinach, and water. It wasn’t delicious but I drank it anyway.

Check out my fitday account if you want the juicy details!

Good night!

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