It’s late and it’s been a long day. I’ll make this short.

Exercised, ate breakfast of a smoothie of OJ, strawberries, and spinach. It was surprisingly good. The spinach made it look like carrot juice with flecks of green. After I got to work, I ate a couple of bananas.

I left with just enough time to make it to the cemetery. When my aunt-in-law’s husband died, we went to the funeral home but not to the cemetery. This time was just the opposite and it was COLD and misty. It was supposed to get to 68 today but I could see my breath. The funeral director covered us with blankets. At least those of us who were sitting down. It didn’t last terribly long. I guess the minister was cold, too. There were pictures taken and hugs all around and then I left.

Wal*Mart was my first stop. Then I went to a supermarket and got three items that were all barcoded. I decided that I would go through the U-Scan. Bad idea. Two of the items (fresh herbs) were neither one in the computer. After long enough to go through the regular checkout twice, I paid and was gone to the produce place close by. Tomatoes were $1.99 a lub which was cheap compared to the other places. I got three.

I didn’t have time to go by Mother’s grave on the way down so I did it when I was headed home. The road into the graveyard had been graded. There had been a place that had washed badly. It was nice not to have to dodge ditches. I took a leaf or two off the grave and came on home.

It was past time for more bananas so I had a banana smoothie with some mint and some dates. After that had time to digest, I had an onion and tomato “sandwich” with romaine. I probably didn’t wait long enough to have some OJ. After that, I had some strawberries and cucumber and then topped it all off with a few of the last of the marinated mushrooms. I can hear Roger say, “A bad combination.” Sometime in there, I peeled some turnips and put them through the spiral slicer. The result is in the fridge in lemon water. I also cleaned and cut up some mushrooms to try again marinating them. They are in a container on the dehydrator with a bare sprinkle of salt, ground celery seed, fresh tarragon, and lemon juice. We’ll see how they do. I didn’t care for the olive oil on the other ones so I left that off. I threw away the rest of the marinated portabella.

I’m going to have to get to bed. It isn’t going to get any earlier.

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  1. Charlie January 16, 2006 at 3:35 am #

    Have you ever researched the anti-Walmart movement? Check out http://www.walmartwatch.com or the movie “Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices.”

  2. Tommie January 16, 2006 at 6:01 am #

    No. I have my hands full researching the raw food movement. I’m also a confirmed Wal*Mart shopper. I’ll have to admit that I have more money to spend now that I don’t have to buy all those prescriptions I used to be on but it still isn’t an unlimited amount. I can get higher quality produce (even organic) for less at Wal*Mart. If the other stores want to compete for people who really care about what they eat, they should try to do it with quality. I walk into some of the local supermarkets and you can smell the food rotting and see clouds of gnats hovering over the piles of refuse. It isn’t an inviting picture.

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