28 Weeks!

It’s getting on past the time I wanted to be in bed. I have to get up and be on time in the morning because I am putting in my first Sabbath officially as organist. My year hiatus is over. I hadn’t realized that I’d been designated as head, too, until I got the list from one of the elders this past week. Scheduling will be another thing I’ll be responsible for. Happy happy joy joy.

It was late when I got up this morning. I had gotten to bed past midnight because there were some last-minute changes to the bulletin. I did have time to exercise, anyway. I was down to 140.5, but I don’t know if that is true weight loss or if it was fluid loss. I’ll post it, anyway.

Breakfast was OJ, a persimmon, and a banana/blueberry/pear/spinach smoothie. I had two Clementines at break time. I’m trying to be able to make it from breakfast to lunch without a snack but I haven’t quite made it yet. I’ll have to tomorrow.

Lunch was half a cherimoya, dates, and bananas.

When I got home, I had OJ, then some chili–this time with only two tomatoes and less spices. It was better than yesterday and I didn’t need to put in any cashew “cheese”.

I’m going to list my food on fitday. Remember, if you want to see my statistics, you’ll have to click on the “My Fitday Account” link to the right of this post.

Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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