Tomorrow is an early day at work so I need to get to bed soon. I’ll be in a mandatory inservice for 5.5 hours including breaks and lunch. Lunch will be provided for everyone but me and I agreed to bring my own. As usual.

The news when I got to work was that one of my former employees had been killed in an automobile accident over the weekend. She was a beautiful woman and extremely intelligent. It’s a sad thing. She’d never married and there were no children. Her mother used to work in the same office, too, years ago. I can’t begin to imagine what she is going through. I won’t be able to go to the funeral unless I get out of the inservice earlier than planned. I’m not going to bank on that.

I did my exercises this morning. Breakfast was OJ and a banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie. Break was dates. Lunch was two Clementines (they are 79 cents for a two pound bag now at the local supermarket), bananas, and celery. I’m trying to get more greens into my diet. Can you tell?

One of the unit secretaries gave me a little bag of fruit. That was nice of her. I came home and juiced the oranges and added the Harry and David one. They weren’t as sweet as the ones I normally have.

I’m down to enough tomatoes for a few more days. It’s going to be sad when I get to the end of them. I had my usual bowl though it was smaller. After that, I had some celery with the rest of the cashew “cheese”. Then I had a few cashews. Period.

When I was working on the celery and “cheese” I got a phone call. The neighbors only have a cell phone and it wasn’t at the house at the time. I took the phone over there so the wife could talk to the husband. His sister is dying so he will be flying to California in the morning to see her one more time. There’s sadness all around.

I’m yawning. That’s a good sign that I need to get to bed.

Same time, same station tomorrow night!

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