My granddaughter set the alarm so she would get up this morning. When I was 10, I was up with the chickens.

Since most of the gifts had already been opened, it didn’t take long to finish the job. I got a devotional book from my sister, a neck pillow and mask (I’d opened those last night), and some little vases with crocus bulbs to force.

Breakfast was OJ, bananas, white sapote, and persimmons. I shared the persimmons with my son. He took one bite of the sapote and said it was different.

An hour or so after that, I had some carrot sticks, celery sticks, and cucumber. The cucumber is excellent for this time of year. Then I had a salad but I wasn’t really “into” it so I dumped the last of it.

When I left there, I went to my other son’s house and delivered their gifts. I watched my granddaughter play with some of her toys and worked on my DIL’s computer which is going to have to be formatted. I told her what to do and she’s going to take care of it herself. She told me to check when I got home to see if their gift had been delivered.

I got home and started looking for my present. I called the neighbors and she said she hadn’t seen anything and she’d been home most of the day. I finally located it–a Harry and David fruit basket. The fruit looks very nice. I make it a point to have plenty of fruit so it’s going to be a trick to eat enough to not let it go to waste.

I made some angel hair “pasta” and it’s in the dehydrator at the moment. I had some bananas and then more salad with Matt’s dip, a romaine rollup with the Raw Mock Turkey Loaf (and I don’t care for it), and a bite or two of cashew “cheese”. I’m beginning to think that it’s the walnut taste I don’t like in things like Mock Salmon Pate and Turkey Loaf. I’ve never been crazy about walnuts except fot the black variety and I don’t think they would be good in a spread.

There’s been progress with my cat. She was hungry when I got home so I thawed out a venison medallion and mixed the whole thing with a can of Fancy Feast. She ate it! She hasn’t finished it but she wouldn’t even consider it at those proportions before.

I need to get to bed. I was kept awake by cats last night. Most of the time they were sleeping at my feet but a few times, they walked on me and bounced around on the couch. I don’t think I’ll subject myself to that again.

My food hasn’t been the best today and it’s laying heavy. Click on the link to check out my fitday stats.

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