My old refrain–“It’s late!”

I’ve been getting comments on previous posts and, if I don’t answer them, I hope you’ll understand. My plate is pretty full right now, no pun intended.

I didn’t get any exercising done this morning. I had time. I just frittered it away and was even half an hour late to work. I’d stayed over by about an hour and 15 minutes yesterday so I had time to flex. I’m on salary so they don’t care if I work 24 hours a day.

Breakfast was OJ, a sapote, and a banana/blueberry smoothie. Break was dates. Lunch was a Christmas dinner at work, brought in potluck. I took pineapple, Clementines, bananas, and dates, and hardly any of it was touched in favor of the white, tan, and brown food that had been cooked to death. It did smell good but I looked around me at all the pasty faces and obese bodies (for the most part) and wasn’t tempted enough to go for it. I ate my fruit and enjoyed the smells.

I stopped by a fruit stand and bought a box of oranges for the neighbors for Christmas. They help me out a lot and I really appreciate it. I also gave them a baggie full of pecans from Sunnyland Farms. I also bought myself a box of tomatoes and I think that I may have messed up. I had one in my bowl of tomatoes and it was rather mealy. Maybe the rest will be better.

Before the tomatoes, I had grapefruit juice and after the tomatoes, I had a salad of romaine and avocado. The romaine was from the co-op and it is the best I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot of romaine. It was sweet and tender and much of it was dark green.

My account on fitday isn’t public though I may make it that way when I get it caught up. I haven’t posted my food on there for several days so it wouldn’t give a good idea of anything right now.

I cut up some stew beef for my cat tonight and she scarfed it up and then barfed it up. Guess I’ll have to stay with the cat food, prepared raw food, and chicken.

The clock just chimed an hour later than I wanted to be in bed so I’d better hush.

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