Well, THAT’S over. The office party, that is. It’s fun and I look forward to it every year but it’s stressful getting ready for it, too.

Yesterday, I went to the party for the department heads at the administrator’s house. It’s enjoyable, too. We have a good group.

In the a.m., I had my usual breakfast, then I had an early lunch of bananas and dates. When we got to the party, I found that she had fixed raw fruits and veggies so I would be sure to have something to eat. I confessed that I’d already eaten but I still ate some there.

When we got back to the hospital, I went in and worked on a few things and then left to run to town to get some last-minute food for today’s party. Then I went to get my hair cut. I couldn’t make the people hear me knock so I thought they weren’t home. I couldn’t call because I had left the phone number at home. Long story short–I finally left and met my hairdresser and her husband at the end of the street and I got shorn. It looked really short but it’s a good length.

Got home and had my grapefruit juice and tomatoes. I ate an avocado after that.

Calories were 2001 (A Space Odyssey?), fat was 13%, protein 6%.

I fixed the dip and MSP last night and hit the hay.

This morning, I got up at 5:10 and started in. I didn’t have time to exercise or anything (though I did my exercises yesterday but not my vision therapy). I had my quiet time first and then went to work getting things ready. I made the salad and cut up the pineapple, carrot, and celery sticks. I assembled all the presents and got the car loaded. I was late to work but they were glad to see me with all my stuff.

I’d had OJ here and I took my smoothie with me. I took a half box of oranges and my juicer. First thing I did was fix fresh-squeezed for all the girls in the office. They really liked it. One had never had fresh-squeezed before.

I put the fruit out but it was largely ignored in favor of the sausage balls and ham puffs. Oh, well. If I were raised the way they were, that might have been my choice, too.

Lunch time came and I put out the salad and all the fixings. Everyone had some of the salad but I think I was the only one who had any veggies or wraps. I ate the avocado, too.

We exchanged gifts and there were some neat things. My gifts from the staff were a fountain with three cherubs that plays 12 hymns and a large fruit basket. I put the fruit out into a bag and weighed it. Thirteen lubs.

Our Chinese Christmas went well. It’s always fun. I got a penguin ornament with a big jingle bell at the bottom.

I got everything cleaned up and the car loaded and came home by way of the grocery store where I got bananas.

I had grapefruit juice when I got home and then had a persimmon. It wasn’t quite ready and gave me a furry mouth. Then I ate most of a bowl of tomatoes. Later on, I had three bananas.

My daughter and I hadn’t talked for two and a half weeks. She had e-mailed me yesterday and it’s momentous when she does that. I called her and we talked for almost an hour and a half.

I was hoping to hear from my sister-in-law. Roger has agreed to give her my other membership since, when I signed up, he had a two-fer going. I need to get her info so he can send her instructions on how to access the forum.

Oh, today’s calories were 1974 with 22% fat (!) and 7% protein.

Tomorrow is the hospital-wide party, then my manager and the other supervisors are coming to Pikeville for a Christmas lunch on Friday. Whew!

I’m going to bed. Good night!

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