24 weeks!

If yesterday was bad, today was horrific. I hardly took my eyes off the computer screen except to look at reports. I got in touch with one of my guardian angels at the main campus and she gave me the name of a person who might be able to help me. He came through, though he’ll have to get me the graphs Monday. I thanked the Lord as I walked out of the office about 10 minutes later than scheduled.

I’d gotten up a little late. I still did my vision exercises and my routine exercises sans BodyFlex.

Breakfast was OJ, a fuyu persimmon, and a banana/blueberry smoothie. Break was dates. Lunch was bananas, dates, and another fuyu.

My cat’s food came and one of the bags had burst open. It was still frozen so I took some freezer bags and transferred the contents. I’ll call the company Monday. I got out one of the medallions and followed the directions to thaw it in the microwave. It cooked. I gave it to her and she turned her nose up at it. I put some canned cat food with it and she picked around. I’m letting that be that tonight and maybe she will be ready to eat in the morning. What she hadn’t eaten, I put down the commode.

Supper was grapefruit juice, tomatoes, and two lettuces with Matt’s dip.

Calories were 1846, 10% fat and 7% protein.

I’m going to sleep until my mind changes in the morning.

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