It’s ‘way past when I was planning to get to bed. It’s been a long, hard day. There are consultants asking for information and I was drafted as the report person. I was working on them most of the day and will have to go back and hit them again tomorrow.

I did all of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was OJ, two persimmons, the last kiwi, and a banana/blueberry smoothie.

Break was dates and lunch was more dates and bananas.

Cherimoya & White Sapote

Cherimoya and White Sapote

Ready to Eat

Ready to eat
When I got home, I opened the package with a five lub assortment of fruit that I’d ordered from cherimoya.com. It had two large cherimoya, several white sapote, and some persimmons. The persimmons are the fuyu variety and it was said that they can be eaten when they are firm like an apple. I went ahead and drank my grapefruit juice, then washed one of the persimmons and proceeded to try it out. It was really good! I’ll try it like that again. It was kind of crunchy like an apple but with the persimmon flavor. The other fruit has to ripen before I can sample them.

I had a bowl of tomatoes and then a salad of romaine and Boston lettuce with a sprinkle of sea salt. Period. Then I had the pizza I’d put in the dehydrator this morning. I couldn’t eat another bite when I got all that down.

My calories were 1966, fat 13%, protein 7%.

I’m going to bed. Good night!

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