I was up and attem shortly after the alarm went off this morning. I had time to exercise eyes and body.

I put some raw meat out to warm up for my cat and started in on breakfast. I had OJ, a kiwi, and a banana/blueberry smoothie (surprise!).

First, I gave my cat a little cat food, then some chicken and stew beef. She was less than enthusiastic about the raw meat. I’ll give it to her fist next time and then give her the cat food.

It was off to work, I thought, but when I got to the car, I discovered that the 14 degree weather had left it with a hard coating of ice. It took several minutes to clear it which made me late.

My break was dates and lunch was bananas and more dates (surprise again!).

When I got home, I had some grapefruit juice. Then I had my bowl of tomatoes. I hadn’t had a decent salad in a couple of days so I had romaine and tomato with cashew dip–a little too much on the cashews. My calorie count is 2134 with 10% fat and 7% protein.

I gave my cat the rest of the meat she hadn’t eaten this morning and she did away with most of it. Later on, I gave her some cat food.

This morning, I was down another lub to 142.5 which translates to 45 lubs recycled.

Good night!

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