I got up on time this morning and did all my things plus I measured. I’ve lost another inch and a quarter. I weighed 143.5 which is what I weighed when I went into the hospital in Ogallala, NE, to have my third child. Strange to think that I was nine months pregnant and I weighed then what I weigh now.

Breakfast was eaten mostly on the run because my cat had pulled out her food in the bathroom and I had to clean it up. That put me quite a bit behind. I put it in freezer bags and put it in the freezer to give her something to eat in case I have to be gone for several days. I had orange juice, a large kiwi, a persimmon, and a four banana/one cup blueberries smoothie. I took it to work and drank it.

Break was dates and lunch was more dates and four smallish bananas.

Raspberry had coached me on cutting up a chicken so I got brave when I got home and did it. It was still somewhat frozen. I put the pieces into a freezer bag and the dismembered body is in the refrigerator, minus a few pieces that I gave to the cat. She didn’t eat it at first, but she finally did. There was one little piece that I thought might be the liver. She did away with it, too.

I cleaned up the mess and hoped I’d killed all the salmonella germies. That’s something I haven’t had to contend with.

Roger had posted a seaweed salad so I put some seaweed to soak. Then I had my grapefruit juice and a large bowl of tomatoes. I rinsed the seaweed and cut it up into bite-sized pieces, then diced a tomato into it. Or maybe it was the other way around. Doesn’t make any difference. I put an orange, a tomato, half a cucumber, and some ginger into the blender and whizzed it up. Then I poured that over the seaweed and tomato. I prayed over it that I would be able to get it down but the Lord didn’t see fit to grant my request. I choked down what I could, then put some avocado in it. I ended up fishing out the pieces of avocado to eat and put the rest on the compost pile. It was only too awful. I’m a little hungry but I’ll live.

Guess I’d better brush my teeth and hit the hay.

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