Well, let’s see now. I haven’t really updated for two days. That would be Sabbath and Sunday. Plus today. Whew!

Sabbath started out a little late. I hadn’t exercised for two days and didn’t want to make it three so I did all of my routine except for the vision therapy.

Breakfast was orange juice and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I took some dates with me for my mid-morning snack but didn’t get a chance to eat any. I was asked to play the organ so there was no way I could slip out for a bite.

I came on home and fixed a pizza and put it in the dehydrator for later. I had more bananas and a persimmon, I think. Best I can remember. I could look on fitday but I won’t. Anyway, I had the shower to go to so I had some tomatoes before I left.

If I’d eaten as much as I needed to at the shower, it would have been rude so I controlled myself and just had some kiwi and strawberries. I had thought I might leave early but there was no way I could leave gracefully so I stayed. When it was all over, I left and came home (what else?).

I had a salad, then put some cashew sauce on the pizza and sprinkled it with Italian seasoning. It was wonderful!

Calories for the day were 1568, fat was 9%, protein 8%.

Sunday, I got up when I felt like it. I did all my exercises and vision therapy after I measured. I lost another half inch in my waist, a half inch in my hips, and a fourth inch in my upper thighs (hopefully both). That would make a half inch if you add them together.

Breakfast was the usual. So were the other meals. I also had some Mexican Almond Spread on some romaine for supper besides my salad.

I had a good visit with my daughter except for when we disagreed on the need to supplement with B12. I’m pro, she’s con. After almost two hours, we said our goodbyes.

It was late when I got to bed. Calories for the day were 1620, 8% fat, 8% protein.

I was up this morning in time to do all my usuals. Breakfast was orange juice and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I had my date break mid-morning. Lunch was bananas and dates.

Pizza was on my mind so I headed for Wal*Mart after work to get some portabellas. I’ll fix it in the morning and let it stew in the dehydrator until I get home. I saw my friend who still wants to eat raw food but hasn’t quite made the commitment. There are several people who are in limbo. I have to admit that it took me a long time to make up my mind to do it but I’m glad I did. It would have been nice if I’d done it sooner but that doesn’t change anything. He was amazed at how much weight I’ve lost which made me feel good.

I had some grapefruit juice after I got back up the mountain. Then I had my bowl of tomatoes. Later, I had a salad and then a half sheet of nori with some mashed avocado mixed with a little Marmite. UMMMMMMMMmmmmmm!

At lunch today, some of us were discussing my diet. Not unusual. One of the nurses said she was concerned that I don’t get enough protein. I assured her that I do. Then she said, “How’s your energy level?” The other person in the discussion hooted and said, “You see her bopping up the hall like a teenager!” I don’t think there’s much to wonder about when it comes to energy.

Calories for today were 1798, fat 11%, protein 7%.

Good night!

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