It’s getting late so I won’t go into a lot of detail. Plus I’m not going to log my food until tomorrow.

Breakfast was a pear, a persimmon, and a banana/blueberry smoothie. Mid-morning, I had some dates. Lunch was bananas and wet pack dates.

I left work early and went to Wal*Mart. It was a pre-Thanksgiving zoo. I ran into the Filipino nurse from work, along with her son and her parents. Her parents neither one speak much English but she was telling her mother that I’m the one who only eats raw food. She also mentioned the durian and her mother laughed and nodded. Then she said, “The body beautiful.” I like her.

The store was pretty crowded so I got my stuff and left ASAP.

On getting home and unloading, I fixed my bowl of tomatoes and chowed down.


Then I fixed a “pizza”. Raspberry Beach from the forum had posted the recipe. It’s a portabella mushroom with the stem removed, tomato slices, thin onion slices, red bell pepper strips, and then my own touch–I drizzled it with a cashew mixture of cashews, water, sea salt, and onion, then blended. I put it in the dehydrator while I had my salad, then I put some more cashew stuff on it, sprinkled it with more Italian seasoning (I forgot to mention that before) and ate it. It was GOOD!

I have Un”Meatloaf” in the dehydrator right now. It smells good. Here’s the recipe. It’s from RawLifeLine.

Un “Meatloaf”
1C walnuts
1C sunflower seeds
1C almonds
Filtered water for soaking seeds and almonds
2 cloves garlic
1/2 C chopped parsley
1/2 C chopped celery
1C chopped red bell pepper
1C marinated portobelo(optional)
1Tbl chopped onion
2 Tbl rosemary
1 Tbl tarragon
1 Tbl jalapeno
1 Tsp cumin
Homogenize nuts, seeds, garlic, stir in remaining ingredients. Form into loaf dehydrate for 1 hour. Remove and top with BBQ dehydrate for additional 2-3 hours. ENJOY!!!

1C tomatoes
1/2C sundried tomatoes
1/4 C chopped onion
1 clove garlic
1/2 Tsp jalapeno
4 basil leaves
4 dates
1/4C Braggs or sea salt
1/4C olive oil

I’m posting it just as it came to me in an e-mail. I halved the recipe. It still makes a pretty good-sized loaf. Of course, that’s pre-dehydration. I’ll add the sauce tomorrow morning and let it “stew” until I’m ready to leave.

This year, my family is all over. I’m going to my son’s place tomorrow (the one I went to FL with). My older son and his family are in Indiana and my daughter and her husband are in NY. She hasn’t been at her job long enough to take enough time off to go any distance.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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