I “slept in” this morning

I “slept in” this morning until about 5:45. As a consequence, I didn’t have long enough to do any of my exercises. I wanted to get to bed early tonight but I’ve fooled around until that’s no longer possible.

Breakfast was orange juice, a pear, and a banana/blueberry smoothie. My mid-morning snack was medjool dates from The Date People. They won’t be available much longer so if anyone wants to get some good fresh ones, better call (760) 359-3211. It might take a few tries to get in touch with them. It’s a family run operation and, from what I gather, they do everything from picking to packing and shipping.

Lunch was four bananas and nine wet pack dates–three of each variety of black abbada, barhi, and honey.

I was going to have to wait for my pineapple to come in so I had a couple of dates to hold me over until I could get home. I missed the turn to get to our meeting place and was a few minutes late.

When I got home, I juiced a pomegranate that I’d taken to work and not too many people tried it. Then I fixed my bowl of tomatoes and had a small avocado. I couldn’t face a salad without the ingredients I usually have to fix it so I didn’t have one. As it was, my calories were 1999. (The bananas made up most of them.) I think that’s a record since I have been eating nothing cooked. My fat percentage was 13 and protein was 6.

I’m going to bed soon. Good night!

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