Yesterday, I did everything but BodyFlex. This morning, I didn’t exercise at all–not even my eyes.

I won’t go into my food for yesterday except to say that my calories were 1610, fat was 8%, and protein was 7%.

Breakfast this morning was a banana/blueberry smoothie and applesauce (two small apples with half a banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon, then blended). It was pretty good.

I took five medjool dates to church with me and slipped out between the services and ate them.

One of the men asked me, “Are you losing weight?” Now, men don’t usually notice things so it must be quite obvious.

There was to be a baptism this afternoon so I came home and switched my meals around. First, I had a big bowl of tomatoes, then I had a large salad of romaine, Boston, cucumber, onion, and tomato with Matt’s dip. After I finished with that, I had avocado wrapped in nori with a few drops of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. That’s the first I’ve had since I’ve been eating raw but it needed something.

My sister-in-law called and I was tempted to stay home and talk to her but she said she’ll call me in the morning. She said that her brother had told her that I’ve lost a “ton” of weight. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever weighed that much but I guess it’s just an expression, anyway.

The plan was to meet at the fellowship hall for a light meal and then go to the baptism. I fixed a bowl of bananas and apples cut up with some “applesauce” like I’d fixed this morning with some added lemon juice to keep it from turning dark. I also put some dates on a plate–all four varieties–and I was set. A call came in on CallWave from the pastor’s wife. The meal was being postponed until after the baptism which wasn’t good for my prepared dish. It needed to be eaten ASAP after it was fixed and suffered because it wasn’t. It was ‘way past its prime and I dumped a lot of it. I should have just taken dates and let that be it.

I was grilled by an old classmate of my sister about my diet. He wanted me to be able to give him concrete evidence that it is a benefit. I hardly know how to do that. He wanted something that could be measured. I told him that energy is an ethereal thing and I wouldn’t know how to begin to measure it. It’s an intangible. I told him that I used to go to bed tired and get up tired and I don’t do that any more. I’m sleepy when I go to bed but I’m not tired. He seemed to be convinced.

I had an e-mail from the woman who runs the co-op that my Boston lettuce didn’t come in. I was depending on that. I hadn’t planned to go to Wal*Mart tomorrow but it looks like I may have to. I’m getting a couple of heads of red leaf instead.

Calories for today were 1592 with 14% fat and 7% protein.

Good night!

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