3 weeks X 7 weeks = 21 weeks!

I promised that I would post pictures of the durian so that’s all I’m doing tonight. The ones that I had taken were on a card that went belly up and I lost them so some of these are re-enactments. I had some really nice ones. The whole fruit looks some different from the pictures here. The ones of the outside look sort of flat because they are. I went out and got two segments that were still attached to each other. I had to knock the ants and gnats off of it. See how much trouble I go to? Here’s what I have…

Durian Outside

This is the best I can do to show a picture of the outer shell of the durian.

Durian Spot

The spot is where all the segments of the durian come together. I think that, if it’s pushed on, the segments will pop open. I may be wrong, though. I’ll have to get another one sometime and try it.

Durian Segments

The pods nestle in the segments. I had some good pictures of them still in the shell but no more.

Durian Seed

The seeds of the durian are pretty large and some places say they are edible. Others say they are carcinogenic. I’m not going to find out if either is true.

Durian Cut Open

Here is a pod that has been cut open with the seed still attached.

Durian Pod Frozen

One of my friends said it looks like dough. This looks like frozen dough. See the ice crystals?

Durian Freezer

A bag of frozen dough? It’s better than any dough I’ve ever eaten! My mother’s Parker House Rolls might beat it out.

I’m going to go on to bed and report Friday tomorrow.

Good night!

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