It was up again early enough to do all my exercises.

Breakfast was a kiwi and a large banana/blueberry smoothie. I was wrong about the size of my drinking jar. It’s 24 ozzies, not a quart. It wouldn’t hold all of the smoothie this morning so I had to drink some and then pour, then drink and pour.

I packed my lunch with the usual bananas and dates and, on a whim, some durian.

I had the medjools mid-morning. I took the durian out to the desk and showed it to some of the nurses. They didn’t want to have anything to do with it. One got very upset and said it was going to give her a migraine and she was about to puke. Guess it wasn’t a good idea, after all. I have to put up with people chomping on dead bodies a foot away from me but that’s acceptable. Plus salmon smells like a woman who didn’t take a bath after sleeping with a half dozen men three days ago. But that’s okay. Durian isn’t.

Lunch was the bananas and the wet pack dates. I waited until Nancy had eaten her lunch and took the durian in for another attempt. She was interested enough to try it. She wasn’t impressed. I ate the rest of that pod and the other one.

When I got home, I had my bowl of tomatoes and then made a huge-er than usual salad. It was romaine, Boston, avocado, tomato, and lime juice.

I got a call today about a co-op that sells organic food. I was under the impression that we could order once a week but the next order will go in December 19. I called the person who takes the orders and she sent me a couple of lists–one of full cases and one of the partial cases that still needed to be completed. I ordered several things and they will be in Monday. One of the e-mails said something about a four week cycle so I’ll be eating a lot of Wal*Mart lettuce still. There was only one head of romaine left out of a case and that won’t last long at all. Five heads of Boston lettuce will do me about that many days or maybe a few more if the heads are large. My salad, today, took a head of romaine and a head of Boston. The romaine was mostly heart but it was still quite large.

I’d taken my mail to be picked up by the courier and the administrator started talking about how much weight I’ve lost. I’m down to 145.5 as of today which is 42 lubs less than I weighed in mid-May. She couldn’t believe that I weighed that much. She said I didn’t look like I did but I think I looked like every ozzie. I was walking down the hallway and one of the housekeepers told me to slow down. I can’t. I have too much energy. Oh, and by the way, the little marker is beginning to edge into Healthy Weight.

My calories today were 1813, 11% fat and 7% protein.

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