I was supposed to go help out with a computer after work today but bad weather was threatening so we decided to put it off until another day.

I got up early enough this morning to do all of my exercises. Breakfast was a banana/blueberry smoothie and a kiwi.

Several of the employees were delighted that I took some of the wet pack dates along with the large medjools. The medjools are so moist, they are almost like wet pack. I had five of them for my mid-morning snack.

Lunch was three good-sized bananas and wet pack dates–three varieties.

The salsa made a hit, again. No one was interested in going to get chips. I provide the salsa and they decide how they want to eat it.

My citrus juicer came today so I had some juice when I got home. I think I would have been as well off, or better, with an electric juicer but this one is very nice. I do wish that it left the pulp in the juice and didn’t strain it out.

I had my usual bowl of tomatoes and made two salads–one to eat and one to put in the fridge for tomorrow evening. It’s nominating committee meeting time. I also had romaine rollups with MSP and MAS.

Calories were 1568 with 12% fat and 8% protein.

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