It’s been a long day. I didn’t get up until after 8. It was nice to “sleep in”.

One of the first things I did was measure. I’d either stayed the same or gotten a little bigger in one or two areas but I lost an inch and a half in my waist! Now, that’s what I call progress!

I did my vision therapy and all my exercises. I’m still stuck at 146. Maybe I’ve plateaued?

Breakfast was a persimmon and “oatmeal” with raisins. I got brave and did in the durian. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’d read about people with bloody fingers from trying to get them open. I took a knife to it after looking at the little knoblet and trying to locate the “line”. When I started trying to pry it apart, using a heavy towel as the lady instructed, it naturally split at one of the seams. The pods are larger than I thought they would be. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, hopefully. It was tasty but I wasn’t bowled over like I thought I would be. Roger warned me that not all frozen durian are created equal so I’m sure there are better ones. I put the pods in a plastic bag and all but the one I ate are in the freezer. I was surprised that it’s listed on fitday. The amount I ate had three grams of fat. I was under the impression it was fattier than that. It was about 1/4 cup.

My daughter called and we visited for over an hour and a half. We got cut off so she called back and we finished up our visit and signed off.

I had a banana/blueberry smoothie and some dates for lunch.

I called a woman who lives about 20 minutes away from me who has been eating 100% raw for two years. She is going about it very scientifically and plans to publish a book eventually, after all the proof is in. That could take awhile. She was advising me to juice my food but I feel like the Lord made it the way it is for a reason. I’ll blend it but I don’t think I’d get everything intended if I just drank the juice. I agreed that we would meet sometime.

Wal*Mart was on the agenda this afternoon and I failed to stop by the cemetery on the way. That’s twice I’ve not gone to visit my mother’s grave since she was buried.

The girl who cuts my hair told me that she wants to call and talk to me about something. She didn’t say what. I gave her my phone number and she’ll call tomorrow evening after she gets off work.

When I got home, I fixed my bowl of tomatoes and a large salad. I had Matt’s dip on the salad.

My calories for the day were 1563 with 11% fat and 7% protein.

Good night!

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