It’s getting on to the time that I want to be in bed but first, I want to say

20 weeks! and counting!!!

It won’t be long before it’s five months!

I got up a little after 7. I had stayed in bed for awhile after I woke up just because I could.

There was time to do all my exercising. I washed clothes, too.

Breakfast was a persimmon and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I took dates and bananas with me to have while I was in the meeting.

When I got to the meeting place, the manager was interviewing someone and the meeting didn’t start even close to on time. One of the supervisors had given up and gone to lunch so we found her and went to a part of the dining area where we could spread out our things and have the meeting while she ate. I joined her with my dates and bananas. I’d already eaten my medjools earlier while I was waiting.

There were some things that I wanted to do when the meeting was over (after all, this was supposed to be my day off) but it went on and on with things that didn’t concern my area. I finally said that I would have to leave and the party broke up.

I stopped by Books A Million to check out some raw recipe books that someone had told me about. They were full of transition foods but I’ve already transitioned, for the most part, so I let them keep ’em.

One of the nurses at work had told me about an Asian market that has durian so I stopped in the Chinese restaurant next too BAM and got directions. It wasn’t too far but I took the North exit when it should have been South and that ate up some time. I found it, finally, and the nice lady had a young man get a durian out of the freezer for me. It was $1.29 a lub and ended up costing most of $8. She showed me the spot to start from to open it and described the process. She said to take the pods out and put them in freezer bags and freeze them. (I’m to leave it on the counter for a day to thaw.) It has an interesting smell but, unless it gets to be overpowering, it isn’t unpleasant. That’s my splurge on something new for now. A celebration for 20 weeks?

Next stop was ALDI and unless I need some more peppers, I don’t think I’ll bother again. I’d heard that it was the best place for produce and I guess it would be if all you are interested in is basic stuff. I didn’t see any romaine anywhere. The peppers were three nice ones (red, yellow, and green) for $1.99 and that’s all I got.

It was getting late so I ran into Wal*Mart just up the road from ALDI. I figured that 20 minutes would get me in and out before Sabbath. I was bookin’ it toward the produce section (I had a list for other things but that would have to wait) when I heard someone call my name. It was someone who worked at the hospital years ago. It was nice to see her and it didn’t take long to get caught up.

I grabbed a cart and got the things I figured I’d need for the dinner tomorrow and checked out. I got to the car in plenty of time and started home.

It was well after dark when I got here and I was beginning to be really hungry. I fixed my bowl of tomatoes and chowed down before I put stuff away. Then I mixed up some of Matt’s dip and had it on the lettuce (and it was genuine iceberg with a smattering of what looked like romaine) I’d brought home last night. I chunked up a tomato with it and that was that.

I’m not going to stay up and fix for tomorrow so I’ll come on home. I’m to play for church and will need to go early because one of the hymns is totally unfamiliar to me. It’s #409 in the SDA Hymnal, “Jesus Invites His Saints”. I googled it and found a midi file that I listened to several times. If that’s the right tune, I should be okay with it.

My calories for today were 1446 with 9% fat and 8% protein. Oh, by the way, my cat likes Matt’s dip.

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