It’s over and we lived through it! 2005’s Joint Commission Survey is history! There was only one thing we were written up on and it’s already been fixed. A junction box had a quarter inch gap around it rather than one-eighth. It’s been filled in. That wasn’t even close to being a Type 1. Plus, none of my staff was ever questioned about anything! A real answer to prayer!

I got up too late this morning to do any exercising except for my eyes. I did squats and wall pushups throughout the day for probably a total of 90 for the former and 60 for the latter.

Breakfast was a cup and a half of blueberries with three large bananas and some water blended into a smoothie. I also had a couple of kiwis. I found out the hard way that it isn’t good to have that many blueberries and not go to the bathroom one last time before starting home. I won’t do that again.

Mid-morning, I had five dates. Lunch was five small bananas and an assortment of wet pack dates.

The administrator had the leftovers from their luncheon brought to the breakroom. There were some good grapes and I took advantage of them.

I went over to the meeting place (nominating committee) and fixed my bowl of tomatoes. I felt bad not to share but I hadn’t counted on having an audience so I hadn’t taken extra. One thing about eating raw is that you learn not to skip meals or cut down too far on them. After I ate the tomatoes, I fixed my salad and started on it. I still hadn’t finished it when the meeting broke up.

Today’s calories were 1853 with 10% fat and 7% protein.

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