It’s getting late and I still have to make a salad for tomorrow’s nominating committee meeting so I’ll cut this short.

I got up in time to do all my exercises. I’m down to 146. The marker is edging close to being on the line between Too Much and Just Right. That makes 41.5 lubs that I’ve recycled into energy.

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry smoothie and a kiwi. I had dates for my break. Lunch was four small bananas and some dates. I went out and sat on the steps to the CT scanner where I could be in the sun.

Mid-afternoon, I got such an intense craving for tomatoes that I considered leaving work early. Couldn’t do that, though, so I stayed.

Joint Commission didn’t involve us at all today unless something came up in the chart review. Since that resulted in a perfect score, our part wasn’t a problem.

I stopped and got some ripe bananas for 19 cents a lub and came on home. I had something in the mail that had to be attended to and I was on hold forever. I got the tomatoes out for when I got off the phone.

My large bowl of tomatoes was as good as I had imagined. Later, I had a hooj salad with some of Matt’s dip.

Calories were 1571, 13% fat and 8% protein.

Good night!

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