I was up a little after 6 and did all my exercises. Breakfast was a peach/blueberry/banana smoothie and a couple of kiwis.

My mid-morning snack was the other half honeydew. Then I had another smoothie of banana, orange juice, and strawberries. Not a good combination but it was tasty!

I had been doing laundry and I changed the bed before I left for the hospital. I took some dates and water with me. I also took my vacuum cleaner so I could give the area a good going over.

I didn’t have time to eat more than a couple of dates so I ate the other three when I got home. I called my daughter and we had a good visit while I ate a bowlful of tomatoes.

After we got through our hour and a half call, I got out the salad I’d fixed and assembled it. It took me about an hour to eat it all.

My calories for the day were right at 1800 with 12% fat and 8% protein.

Tomorrow is Joint Commission! Everyone say a prayer for us!

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