I did it again this morning! I looked at the clock and, thinking it was almost time to get up, I did. When I came into the kitchen, it dawned on me that it was an hour earlier than the clock said. I stayed up and had all the time I needed to putter around and get things done.

Needless to say, I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was a banana/blueberry smoothie and a couple of peaches. The peaches weren’t any too good so I tossed them into the blender and blended them into the rest of my smoothie.

Mid-morning, I had five large medjools. Lunch was three bananas and wet pack dates.

Today was pretty hectic. One more day to get ready for Joint Commission so I was doing my work and whatever else anyone threw at me. I may go in for awhile Sunday just to make sure everything is ship-shape.

It was getting close to dark when I got home. I left work late. I had a glass of grapefruit juice and the grapefruit was the darkest ruby red I’ve ever seen. Then I had a bowl of tomatoes and a huge salad. I made some of Matt’s dip and ate some cucumber spears with it.

My calories for the day were 1523 with 14% fat and 8% protein.

I’m going to bed. I did use some of the slack time this morning to change the clock by my bed. I won’t be getting up at 4-something tomorrow.

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